After getting my new NAS Server i was excited to see that there were some new and updated packages. Mainly Drive and Moments. These new packages have a much better and redesigned user interface. The Phone apps that they use also look and feel much better than previous Synology Apps. So today i will focus on installing and setting up the Synology drive Package.

  1. Before we start we will enable the user home folders. This is where Drive and Moments store their files. Head to Settings – > User
  2. Then select the Advanced tab and scroll to the bottom
  3. Tick the “Enable user home service” then tick apply
  4. Head to the package manager, select it from the programs menu
  5. From the package manager select All packages from the left sidebar, then search for drive
  6. Since the package is already installed on my NAS i have an “Open” option, on yours it will have an Install option. Press “Install”, it may ask you to select apply or ok.
  7. Once installed, back in the package manager select “Open”
  8. Once opened you will be taken to the drive page
  9. From here you can add and remove files
  10. On your phone head to the App Store or Play Store. Download the Drive app from Synology once opened you will need to sign in with your NAS Account.
  11. Enter your Synology Quick Connect ID, IP Address or Domain Name, your username and password and preferably tick the HTTPS box.
  12. Once you are signed in successfully you will see the screen below. From there you can add and arrange files just like any other drive service. e.g Google Drive
  13. And thats all there is to it, you now have your own private cloud drive.