I really like 3CX, it’s a great phone system with awesome mobile and desktop apps. Recently I had a weird issue when I setup the click to call functionality in windows to the desktop client. When I would try to dial contacts or numbers from the web, they would fail. I realised that it must be something to do with the numbers having +61. After a bit of looking, I found a simple fix.

  1. Log into 3CX and select “settings” from the menu.
  2. Select the “E164 Processing” option in the bottom left corner
  3. Make sure “Process E164 Numbers” and “Remove if same country” are selected. Now the option that wasn’t set for me is the “Add Prefix”. From what I can gather, when 3CX was stripping the +61, it wasn’t adding a 0 to the start of the number, meaning it was rejected by my trunk. Simply add a 0 in the “Add Prefix”. This way rather than +61490000000 becoming 490000000 which is in valid, it will instead become 0490000000 – a correctly formatted mobile number. The same goes for any Australian number.