I love the Raspberry PI, its great for an endless amounts of projects. One thing that frustrates me is how complex it is to share a folder. so today ill detail how to share a folder in Raspbian.

  1. Login and open a Terminal Window. Paste in sudo apt-get install samba samba-common-bin
  2. Next open the Samba Config, this is the file that tells the Pi what folders to share and to who. In the Terminal window paste sudo leafpad /etc/samba/smb.conf
  3. In the Config Text file that appears ensure that the lines below are the same.
    workgroup = WORKGROUP
    wins support = yes
  4. At the bottom of the Config file paste in the following
    comment=Raspberry Pi Share
    only guest=no
    create mask=0777
    directory mask=0777
  5. Close and save the file.
  6. In the terminal window paste in sudo pcmanfm
  7. In the file explorer that appears right click on the pi folder and select properties.
  8. Select the permissions tab, From the three drop downs select “anyone” and press okay.
  9. In windows head to \\<your pi name>\Home