Recently I had to setup the SG-1100 for a client with TPG FTTC. Normally this would be easy, but with the SG-1100 having an internal switch that uses VLANS already, it was a little more complicated. Never the less, the process is quite simple once you have done it once.

  1. Log onto PFSense and select Interfaces -> Interface Assignments -> VLANS
  2. Add a VLAN interface with your providers VLAN as the VLAN tag. (Mine is 100 for TPG Business)
  3. Now go to Interfaces -> Interface Assignments, change your WAN interface to use the VLAN we just created. Select Save.
  4. Select your WAN interface and setup your connection type. eg PPOE, Static IP etc. Mine is Static IP so I will just enter my IP and gateway.
  5. Go to Interfaces -> Switch -> Ports. Here set the WAN port to use the Port VID of 1. This means it will have access to all traffic on the switch.
  6. Now we will set the VLAN on the switch ports. Go to Interfaces -> Switch -> VLAN’s. Here change the WAN VLAN group to the following: VLAN tag – (your provider VLAN from earlier – 100 for me), Members – 0t,3t (Make sure they are both tagged)
  7. Select Save. If everything is correct you should now have internet connection.