Recently I had a client with a Synology NAS that all of a sudden was not accessible. Nothing had changed; However, the NAS Status light was flashing green and the NAS was inaccessible. You could ping and load the web interface, but you received the error “System is getting ready. Please log in later”. Rebooting did not help, and the NAS could not finish the boot process. We couldn’t use the reset button either as the system had not fully booted. This is the process that worked for me. It keeps all of your data but does require reinstalling the Synology DSM.

  1. SSH into your NAS as admin, you can do this via cmd in windows – eg ssh admin@<Your NAS IP>
  2. Run the command sudo /usr/syno/sbin/./synodsdefault –reinstall (This command will run a Mode 2 reset. Your files and data will remain, but your Synology apps and DSM configuration will be wiped)
  3. Then run the command sudo reboot
  4. Your Synology will then reboot. 
  5. If you had a static IP you will need to find the new IP (Using Synology Assistant), enter this into a web browser. You can then walk through the process of setting up your NAS again. This is normal and your data on the drives will not be wiped.
  6. Once logged in again, if you have a HyperBackup you can use that to restore the previous configuration and apps.