It is very easy to connect to your AWS instance using CMD on windows 10. You could use putty, however I find that it doesn’t look great and can be hard to read. If you haven’t already enabled open ssh on windows 10, follow my guide here first.

  1. Copy your private key file to C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.ssh
  2. Right click and open the properties, select the Security tab
  3. Then select advanced, from the bottom of the window
  4. Now remove all permissions from the file, leaving only your username will full permissions. Also disable inheritance
  5. Now go to your AWS control panel and select “connect” to your instance
  6. Select the example string and edit it to include the file path, for example ssh -i “.ssh/testpair.pem” [email protected]
  7. Now paste this into CMD and select enter. This will connect you to your EC2 Instance