A NAS is great, you can do a whole host of tasks with it, but what happens if there is a black out and your NAS is doing something important. Your data could be corrupted, you could loose files and the system may not even boot.

Well the simple way to fix this is to get a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) . These are small battery devices that can give your NAS a few minutes to turn off and shutdown safely. You can get consumer versions very cheap. I purchased the CyberPower Value 600VA / 360W Line Interactive UPS for only $99. The main thing is to ensure that the UPS has a USB Port, this means your NAS can interface with it and know when to power down.

  1. Once you’ve plugged in your UPS, power it on, Connect your NAS power cable to the UPS and plug the USB cord from the UPS to the NAS.
  2. Now log into your Synology NAS and open the settings app. Then select the “Hardware and Power” option.
  3. Tick “Enable UPS Support” then you can select how long after the mains power is off, that you want the NAS to enter safe mode.
  4. If you select “Device Information” you can see some stats about your UPS. The NAS estimates that the UPS could power it for about 30 Minutes. You can also see the stats and battery percentage.