If you have an old router lying around and you’re in need of a DIY network switch or an Access point then you’re in luck. Turning an old router into a Switch/Access Point is very easy; The main requirement is to turn off DHCP.

Turning off DHCP

  1. Log into your router’s web interface, it may be easier to reset it to factory defaults. The username/Password should be on the bottom.
  2. Find the LAN settings page. This will differ on every router, on my Netgear it is under Advanced -> Setup -> Lan Setup
  3. Once there change the IP address of the router to something that is in the range of your current network. Eg if your network currently is then you could make it something like You want to make it something high so that it doesn’t get assigned by your router to another device.
  4. You also want to turn off DHCP, this is usually a check box. Then select save.
  5. Now plug this router’s LAN port into the LAN port of your current router.
  6. If you need to make changes, for instance to change or disable the WIFI network. You can go to the address set earlier. This can be done from your existing network; you don’t have to be plugged into the old router.

Changing the wifi SSID and Password

  1. If you want to change the WIFI network name and password, go to the IP address you set earlier and log in. In the router menu look for the WIFI option; it could be under WIFI, wireless network or WLAN
  2. From here you can the name and password of the WIFI. Name may also be called SSID.
  3. Some routers may also use the same name for both WIFI Bands.
  4. Click save or apply when you’re done. Your router may reboot after a WIFI change.