After recently buying my second Synology NAS it occurred to me that i have never really explained how to to some basic first setup type things, most of which i assume have been done in my other tutorials.

Setting a Static IP

  1. Head to Control center on your Synology NAS
  2. Select Network
  3. Select Lan 1 and press Edit
  4. From here enter the IP Address you want, and your Gateway and DNS Server. (If you don’t know them then head to step 6)
  5. Press Ok and wait a little bit for your NAS to process to the changes. Then head to the new address. Thats it, Your done
  6. If you don’t know your gateway then open the start menu in windows and type CMD, press enter
  7. In the Command prompt enter ipconfig and press enter
  8. This will show you your Gateway and Computer IP
  9. So here the details would be Gateway: DNS:
  10. If you dont know where your DHCP server range starts the it is best to choose a high number for the Synology IP address. For example IP:
  11. So now head back to step 4 and enter the details.