So recently i bought a second Synology NAS server, my second server is located offsite and i really wanted to synchronize some of my shares to it. I looked into using rsync or something through Hyper Backup however i found a much easier solution. Using the Synology cloud station server, you can very easily synchronize a share to another Synology NAS.

  1. So on the first NAS install the Cloud Station Server package from the package center.
  2. Once installed go to the settings option on the left side.
  3. Find the share that you want to replicate and select it. On the top menu bar, select the enable button.
  4. HINT: You should also have a domain name or Synology DDNS set up on this server. As well you should also have an SSL Certificate if you would like a secured connection. Check my other posts if you need help. Synology Nas SSL Setup
  5. Now head to the second NAS and install Cloud Station ShareSync.
  6. Open Cloud Station ShareSync and you will get the screen above. Enter the domain name or IP address of your main NAS in the first box. If you set up a synology DDNS it will end with
  7. Then enter your NAS username and Password. If you have an SSL (Which you should) tick the SSL box. Then hit apply.
  8. Once done you should get a screen that allows you to select the folders you want, tick the folders that you want to sync. The screen should look similar to below.
  9. Once done it will start syncing your data. It may take a while depending on the amount of data your are synchronizing and your internet connection at each end. But thats it, everything should now be syncing. 
  10. Once done you should get the screen above.