Being in the tech industry, i’m always on the lookout for a cheap mobile broadband plan. Be it for remote workers, backup internet connections or phone systems, we’re always using Mobile broadband.

An NBN Alternative – Spintel

Ive recently come across SpinTel. I have never seen such large plans for the price they are offering. One of our clients was unable to get the NBN so I had to look for an alternative. They offer 250GB of Wireless Broadband for just $40 a month. The only catch here is it is limited to 12/1 speeds.

Uncapped Speeds

They do however offer Mobile Broadband as well. This plan is 250GB with uncapped 4G speeds for just $80 a month.

I also talked to their support and they are hoping to have a 500GB plan soon they told me.

Long Life

Aldi Mobile is another good option here. They offer large yearly plans that are also a good price. For instance they have a $99 plan that comes with 24 Gigabytes and a $365 Plan that offers 365 Gigabytes. These plans are especially good for Backup internet connections and they also have data rollover.

P.S not sponsored, we really just use them