For a long time i have tried to find an affordable Email hosting service. I have tried using CPanel hosting for emails, however i always found this to be unreliable and i always had problems. The solution i found was hover. They offer cheap and affordable Email hosting and Forwards. Now if all you want is Forwards i would recommend CPanel.

The best plan hover has is the $20 plan, now bear in mind that is USD. Even with USD i find it to be a pretty good deal, considering that office 365 or G suite would be around $6-$9 per user per month. The $20 plan gets you 10 Gigabytes of storage which should be plenty for most users. The small plan offers:

  • 10 Gigabytes of storage
  • Forwarding Options
  • IMAP (which is what you should be using)
  • Built in spam and antivirus protection

If you need more storage you can always go with the $29 plan which offers 1 Terabyte of storage. That plan also comes with additional features but i found them pretty useless.

If you need a combination of inboxes and forwards, you can also get a forward for $5. A bit steep for a forward in my opinion but the mailboxes make up for that.

Overall its a good no frills email hosting service that I would highly recommend for home and very small business, maybe 1-5 people. I personally use it for my family email accounts.

Hover Email Hosting