Great work. Your Synology NAS is now able to host multiple websites. You probably want to secure these websites with an SSL certificate. Well thanks to Let’s Encrypt and Synology that couldn’t be easier. Let’s get to it.

  1. Open Control Panel -> Security -> Certificate.
  2. Choose add and select a new certificate.
  3. Select Get a Certificate from Let’s Encrypt.
  4. In the first box enter your domain name with no sub domain. Next enter your email. Finally enter any sub-domains that you wish to use, separate these with a “;”.
  5. Now this is the fiddlier part. For this to work Let’s Encrypt needs to be able to access your NAS server on port 80 through your domain. If you have already done this then great, go ahead and press apply. If you followed my other tutorial, you will remember that because of the little loophole that we set the port internally to port 8080. For this to work you will temporarily need to change this to the following.
External Port Internal Port
Original 80 8080
Temp (needed for verification) 80 80


  1. Once added you will be good to go. If you have more than one certificate, you can choose what certificate to use for what service. Just select configure from the Certificate window.