At work we primarily use Hyper-V. In my home lab I have been using ESXI to learn something new. I wanted to connect a few of my VM’s to other VLAN’s in my house. Luckily it is actually pretty easy to do this.

I am assuming that you already have VLAN’s Setup on you network and that your ESXI instance has access to them as tagged networks.

  1. Log into ESXI and select Networking
  2. Select “Add port group” from the top bar
  3. Enter a name and your VLAN ID
  4. Thats it. As long as you have set the port on your switch to allow tagged traffic on that VLAN, you can add VM’s to the network.
  5. To add a VM to the network, simply go to it and select “Edit” from the top bar
  6. Under “Network Adapter” use the dropdown to select the VLAN network you created