I’ve recently realized that there is a very easy way to download podcasts automatically to your Synology NAS. I have been using Juice to download my podcasts, but i was constantly having issues with it saying downloading but would not actually download the file. It did work well most of the time, anyway onto the topic at hand.

  1. Step 1 is to find a podcast that you would like to download, get the RSS URL and copy it. I like CNET Podcasts.
  2. Next log into your Synology NAS and open the Download Station App. This should be pre-installed, if it isn’t, you can install it from the Package Manager. Just search for “Download Station”
  3. Once open, select the “RSS Feed” option from the left sidebar.
  4. Now select the Plus button from the top bar.
  5. In the window, paste the URL you copied earlier. if you would like to download all of the episodes, tick the box “automatically download all items”. Then select a folder for your podcast.
  6. After selecting “Add” your podcasts will begin to download. If you didn’t tick download all, you can manually select each podcast and hit the download button.