After setting up Plex on my Synology NAS, I was confused that it seemed to be very difficult to install an SSL Certificate. After much time and research I found a relatively simple way to install your Synology NAS’S SSL certificate on Plex.

  1. First you will need to go to Control Panel on your Synology NAS
  2. Go to Security and select Certificate from the top tab
  3. Select the small arrow next to add and select export certificate
  4. You will then receive a zip file. 
  5. Next go to and get the openssl executable, this will download a zip file
  6. Now unzip the zip files from step 4 and 5 into one folder
  7. Right click on openssl.exe and select run as administrator
  8. Run the command pkcs12 -export -out lakeside.jarrods.example.pfx -in cert.pem -inkey privkey.pem -certfile chain.pem -name “lakeside.jarrods.example” (Replace both lakeside.jarrods.example with your domain name)
  9. Enter a password for the certificate
  10. Now a file will be exported, the name will be ****.pfx (The name you specified above)
  11. Upload this file to the Plex folder on you Synology NAS
  12. Log into Plex and go to Settings -> Network -> Advanced settings
  13. Enter the Path to your file in the “custom certificate” option. Then enter your password into the “custom certificate encryption key” option.
  14. Enter your domain name in the “custom certificate domain”
  15. Select save
  16. In Package Manager, go to Plex and restart it

A big thank you to this post on Imgur